New Science Notebook Request

Dear Students and Families,

Next week we will be finishing up our science unit on heat transfer.  We will then begin learning about ecosystems.  Many students’ science notebooks are filled, really worn, or missing.  I am requesting that every student have a new notebook by Friday, March 10th.  I highly recommend a composition notebook because it is very durable and can be found at dollar stores.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  Thank you so much!

-Mrs. Rubera



3 thoughts on “New Science Notebook Request

  1. Thank you for sending this. I wish we received these messages more often from teachers. We all get so busy that keeping up with what supplies our kids are running low on isn’t usually on our minds.

    Is there anything else you need for the classroom?



    • Thank you for asking. I recommend planning a back pack clean out on Friday. Get rid of old papers, notices, etc. Check to make sure supply boxes/cases have pencils and glue sticks. Teachers always accept donations for tissues and paper towels. They are much appreciated! Thank you for your support!

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