Social Studies


Mr. Nussbaum’s Sixth Grade Social Studies Games

Research Sites

All-around research site libraryspot.comLibrary Spot


General info research

History Channel–great speeches at

Internet research sites for kids

Kids search engine for the internet

Math, reading, arcade edutainment

National Geographic for kids

Nova video programs

Research for kids

Research—chapters on subjects


School Tube—learning videos from YouTube. Organized by topics

Thesaurus—a great one

World Book Online (subscription required)

Veterans Day Videos  

History of the Holidays: History of Veterans Day 

Bet You Didn’t Know:  Veterans Day/History

Veterans Day by the Numbers

The History of Veterans Day

The Wall  by Eve Bunting

Did You Know- The History of the Poppy

The Poppy Lady


Tour the World Official Music Video

National Geographic Mapmaker 

World Population Data

National Geographic Kids

South America

National Geographic South America Videos 


National Geographic Kids:  Europe

Owl and Mouse Map of Europe Matching